The team behind IQ Hub are passionate about regional and rural economic development.


We believe in the development of pathways to attract young people to rewarding careers and as an overt statement of a modern regional economy that is innovative, dynamic and progressive.


Skills IQ looks to the future and the skills that will create opportunities for rural youth and entrepreneurs.


Skills IQ is an aspirational pathway to attract young people to rewarding business opportunities and as an overt statement of a modern regional economy that:

  • provides a platform that supports talented young people with the ability to practically develop skills connected to new ideas    
  • Ensures industry commitment with each cadet entrepreneur being linked directly to a mentor, business, employer or investor 
  • Establishes an educational pathway, capturing the benefits of VET and Higher Education
  • Foster greater engagement with Research and Development organisations
  • Utilises the latest technologies to enhance skills development, professional development and real life application 

A clear pathway to success, can be an important platform, for the development of regional opportunities.


Skills IQ - Workplace digital abilities

The way individuals work altered dramatically as a result of digital technologies. This has been especially true with the impending significant shift to remote working in 2020 as a result of COVID-19 limits and the rapid advancement of the technology and skills required to enable it.

For many companies, what was once a nice-to-have has now become a must-have.


In April 2020, 46 percent of employees in Australia were working from home during COVID-19 limitations, and 58 percent of people thought that the internet was necessary to work during the epidemic.


This trend of remote working appears to be set to continue once the pandemic ends, with a quarter of Australians wanting to work from home more after the crisis is over.


For the majority of working Australians, digital skills are now a must-have.


Digital skills are one of the most important new skills for the Australian economy, with 87 percent of employment currently requiring them.


Prior to the epidemic, businesses in Australia stated that digital literacy was the third most in-demand skill.  Digital technology professionals are predicted to account for one out of every four new employment produced by 2025.


Given that the Australian government predicted just three years ago that by 2030, over 90% of jobs would require digital skills, with 45 percent requiring more advanced digital capabilities, it appears that this estimate for the demand for digital skills in the workforce will be met much more quickly than expected.