About Us

IQ Hub – co-creation innovation.  An open source business information, share, virtual and online space for creators, initiators and innovators.

It is said 'no one does it alone' and that 'birds of the same feather, flock together' ; that is where IQ Hub comes in.


We link the crazy ones, each on their own journey of invention.  It is our purpose to elevate the crazy ones and to help them achieve more as part of a network than they could on their own. At its core, IQ Hub is a collection of amazing adventures and journeys. 


An online connectivity work space, empowering business entrepreneurs, startup founders and co-creators to provide expertise in the form of experience, information and other forms of investment. 


IQ Hub provides connectivity to support the growth of innovation; a platform for entrepreneurship and economic development; with a focus on businesses and startups that align to key initiative areas. 


IQ Hub can trace origins back to June 2012, initially delivering digital support and development services. The team behind IQ Hub were involved with delivering digital training, workshops and advisory services, to over 2,000 businesses. The need for ongoing digital support, engagement and new ways of sharing information (and motivation) was apparent; IQ Hub was born.


IQ Hub is supported by streams of connectivity including :


Digital IQ - assisting communities to get online, develop digital capacity, safety and security.

Trade IQ - assisting business to understand global opportunities, connect with the right support, formulate plans for the future

Capital IQ - connecting startups to support,  leveraging the regional ecosystem, accessing forms of financial support, raising capital

Tourism IQ - growing connections for tourism operators, channeling information to assist innovation

Startup IQ - co-creation, clarification, calibration, acceleration, innovation - your goals, your direction, your business.

Healthy IQ - digital wellness, for individuals and communities.

Agrifood IQ - providing information to the primary producers, assisting commodity to product innovation


Cyber IQ - protecting community members from potential Cyber Security threats.


The IQ Hub facilitates regional initiation and creation spaces, providing a platform for innovation, entrepreneurship and a community of innovators.  


IQ Hub is supported by IQ Group that is also developing : 

IQ Works - will offer a regional focused, growing work spaces within the Namoi and driving towards global connections.

IQ Advisor - startup programs and support packages


A message from our co-founders, seeking to leverage the IQ Hub platform :   


"Leave your ego at the door, let go of the things that are not to be controlled, create with passion and enjoy the little things to be content."