Agrifood IQ - food and agribusiness ideas for a sustainable future.

The Agrifood IQ initiatives seeks to switch on rural and regional communities to new ways of thinking, that can unlock a world of new opportunities and help build sustainable agri-communities. 


We believe that regional and rural communities are only limited by our collective imagination. There are evolving opportunities, for regional and rural communities to invent new ideas, determine a vibrant destiny and in the process build sustainable communities. We aim to retain, attract, innovate and build opportunities, for future regional and rural generations. 

Agrifood IQ - Projects

Necessity is the mother of invention, are enduring weather patterns has created a need to rethink, re-imagine and engineer potentially new agribusiness entities. Our aim is to support positive ideas and be a catalyst for innovative change, through out the region in which we work and live. We know that in the future, it's the place to be.


Valuable Agribusiness Leadership ( or VAL) is a pitch event sponsored by Agrifood IQ. The regional community is challenged to think of new ideas, new ways of developing agribusiness incomes that could benefit the region.