Capital IQ - funding for innovation & entrepreneurship

Lack of finance and lack of access to funding to fuel innovation is hurting Australia’s communities.


Australian communities are founded upon agricultural enterprises. A lack of business start-ups and barriers to innovation, hindered by lack of funding, impacts the broader community. An impending global food shortage and water scarcities are demanding more innovation than ever. Though our regional heritage is rich in agricultural traditions, our communities are not beholden to one industry, via imagination and innovation.


The implementation of new ideas leveraging digital, internet, technology has the potential to revolutionise communities & Australian innovation.


Capital IQ perceives regional approaching a new era of growth opportunities, fueled by an alignment of digital technologies, internet capabilities and changes to global trade. There are new opportunities to develop new business ventures that inspire a new generation to accept the challenge of building startups and innovations to business enterprises.


Capital IQ will seek to provide information and support, that connects willing entrepreneurs with capital and funding; supporting the development of regional business innovation, new ideas and connecting good ideas with funding opportunities


Capital IQ will connect entrepreneurs and investors eager to invest in growth opportunities and share our passion to support regional economic development.

Capital IQ - Investor network

The Capital IQ network comprises a network of connections that includes investors, prospective partners and other interested parties, who are prepared to support and further investment opportunities.